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Super VG Christmas Party

by Patient Corgi

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The frozen ground is covered in snow Our hearts and engines race as our tires slide The ice is thin, so don’t fall in Or you just might get left behind No mistletoe or eggnog for me I’ve got my own idea of Christmas cheer Banana peels, and my four wheels Are all I need this time of year I’ll be chasing that checkered flag No more gifts to bag, for me (no gifts for me) You can keep all your jingle bells I’ll take turtle shells of red and green (of red and green) So if you’re lonely this Christmas eve And you think your blue heart might break (blue heart might break) Don't mind the cold, just go for the gold Come and meet me at Vanilla Lake So if you're lonely this Christmas eve And you think your blue heart might break (blue heart might break) Rev up your kart—go ahead, push Start Come and meet me at Vanilla Lake Come and meet me at Vanilla Lake (Vanilla Lake)
This fight comes just once a year (once a year) Grab your rum and also your beer (and your beer) Trim the tree, ring the bells Send your foes back to hell It’s Christmas time! Who will win this holiday fight? (Ho, ho, ho!) Only those with holiday might! (Ready?) Win the battle this year With the most Christmas cheer It’s Christmas time! On this yuletide feel all my joy (all of my joy) Christmas battles for girls and boys (all the children!) Carols ring in the air Wrestle a Kuma bear It’s Christmas time! Bow to my superior skills (you lose...) Christmas is the time of goodwill (toys for every child!) So if I kick your ass Have some nog—one more glass! It’s Christmas time!
On top of the singing mountain, the world seems so far below Look up to the darkened clouds, shrouding footsteps left in the snow The howl of the mournful wind rings through pathways of frozen earth For winter can never end in this realm of death and rebirth High on the mountain peak lies a white solitary tree As the sun and the stars break free, I can hear you call me home 'Til then I roam on the singing mountain, in search of a dying past While glimmers of hope are found in the world outside of the glass You come to this place for solace, and hope for a brighter day Hold on to our distant promise, as time and space fade away Lost in the great beyond, I had thought that my life was gone You brought me to where I belong, in a future all our own, together


“First of all, I want to give my deepest and most heartfelt thanks to each and every person who made this album possible. Without the 100+ performers, arrangers, lyricists, engineers, and artists who contributed their incredible talent and efforts, Super VG Christmas Party would have remained nothing but a crazy festive idea in my head. I’ve always loved winter and the holiday season, and getting to combine them with my passion for video game music by collaborating with so many wonderful people has been an absolute privilege. This is one of the friendliest and most dedicated communities I’ve ever been a part of, and I hope that our gift of winter and yuletide video game covers helps make your holiday season a memorable one. If you like what you hear, please visit the contributors’ websites and support them, and don’t forget to check out the original soundtracks of all the fantastic composers whose work these songs are based on. Thanks for listening, and Merry Christmas everyone!”
— Ian Luckey, Producer

DISC 1: SNOWY MORNING (Tracks 1-21)
DISC 2: ICY NIGHT (Tracks 22-42)


released December 11, 2014

A Patient Corgi Production

Mastering by Mike Ault

Artwork by Maiko Z

Ailsean, Alexandre Lucena, The Amazing Brando, Andrew “Danger” Dangerfield, Andrew Estrada, Angela Tckaz, Anna Bergström, Arthur Braga, Arthur Kassardjian, Beau Trembly, Bo Savik, Bobby Shields, Brandon Strader, Bruno Galle, CarboHydroM (Christophe Blondel), Careless, Chad Schwartz, Chris Bardolph, Chris Dlugosz, Chris Ferrara, Chris Holland, Chris Macnider, Chris Porter, Christofer Bäcklin, Chunkstyle (Dan Taylor), CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright), Dale North, Danilo Tapia, Danimal Cannon (Dan Behrens), Dave Hampton, Dave Reardon, DemonStray (Cory Harbak), Diego Marquez, Dr. Manhattan (Hugo Silva), Emil Johansson, Evan Trest, Frankie Van Hooser, Fredrika Lundberg, Gamer Joe Tckaz, Girlz Melon (William Milne), Greg Johnson, Greg Lesondak, Gustin Flaig, Ian Luckey, Ian Machniak, Jacob Roege, James Moats, Jameson Sutton, Jared Dunn, Jayson Napolitano, Jeff Ball, Jeff Pound, Jer Roque, Jim Highland, Joe Corbett, Johan Havås, Johan Trolin, John Pike, John VanDuinen, Johnny Gutierrez, Joshua Edginton, Justin Olejnik, K.C. “Wedge” Hawes-Domingue, Kaylei Bristol, Ken Huffman, Kenny Reichelderfer, Kevin Lawrence, Kevin Thayer, Kit, Konami, Kyle Polich, Larry Steele, Lauren Michelle Christerson, Lauren the Flute (Lauren Liebowitz), Lennart Forsberg, (M+) (Mauricio Plasma), Malcos (Stephen Malcolm-Howell), Mark Lago, Martina Lindvall, Matheus Manente, Matt Van Gelder, Matthew Bridges, Max Ovejini, Mega Beardo (Ryan Postlethwait), Michael Zucker, Mike “Lobos” Villalobos, Mike Ault, Mike Rutledge, Mike Willard, Moose, Mutherpluckin' B (Henrik Lidbjörk), Nana Ay, Nick Doane, Nikolai, Nino MegaDriver, PokéMatt (Matt Baros), Pokérus (Patricio Thielemann), Psycho Crusher (Cristián “Kris” Escobar), ROCKtendo (Bill Rahko), Roger Christensson, Rook, Ryan Limbeck, Sam Griffin, Sho Omagari, Stanley Beckwith, Stemage (Grant Henry), Steve Holsinger, Steven Poissant, Tim Yarbrough, Travis Baker, Viking Guitar (Erik Peabody), William Reyes, Zach Wolfenbarger, Zack Parrish




Super VG Christmas Party Crestline, California

Over 100 musicians have teamed up from across the globe to bring you the ultimate holiday video game music compilation! Featuring 42 tracks and more than two hours of music, this collection of all-new winter and yuletide covers is our Christmas gift to you. It’s completely FREE to download! ... more

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